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Outpatient in the Home & Community

Quality of life isn’t just about what you can do at home or in the clinic – it’s about being able to do the everyday things that you enjoy in your community.

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Our Sevices

We pair individuals and caregivers with practitioners who are best trained to meet their needs. Our practitioners specialize in balance and mobility; neuromuscular disorders; cognitive disorders and more.

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Core Caregiver Questions

Does your entire day seem filled with
“things to do?” Has this situation affected what you had planned to do at this point in your life? Do you feel you are inadequate (physically, emotionally, financially) to provide care?

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About RBA Therapy

RBA is committed to developing “continuity circles of care” so that families will have a primary therapist throughout the course of their lives just like having a primary Physician.  Families will have a Therapist/Practitioner they will call when functional issues arise verses addressing them after a significant functional or medical decline. Communication with individuals, caregivers and other involved health care professionals is fundamental in completing the circle.  RBA Therapy has created a more cost efficient and outcome effective level of health care that focuses on keeping the individual in the community.  Focus is not just on the individual but on the abilities of their long term support system (caregivers).

RBA Therapy has been providing services to the Central Ohio area since 1991. Our practice model is community based.  We utilize standardized assessments, techniques and tools to resolve the individuals and caregivers challenges and meet their goals. We provide our services directly in the home, in our clinics and in the community. We can meet the individual/caregiver in an environment that they identify to address their functional limitations, challenges or goals.

RBA Therapy offers care in the following areas:

• Direct Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy • Home Safety and Accessibility
• Cognitive and Memory Fading Disorders • Adaptive Equipment Solutions
• Neuromuscular Disorders • Caregiver Coaching
• Balance and Mobility, Vestibular Rehabilitation & Fall Prevention • Support Groups and Community Education Programs

Outpatient in the Home

You don’t live in the clinic, so why receive treatment that doesn’t transfer to the environment where you spend most of your time? We address and adjust an individual’s treatment based on their home or community setting and focus on individual and caregiver centered challenges and goals. Outpatient therapy comes to you versus you going to outpatient therapy.