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How to Take Control of your Chronic Diseases – Diabetes

Posted on03/12/13 by admin

Chronic diseases are one of the primary causes of hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations in the US today. One of the reasons for this is a simple lack of knowledge of how to manage these conditions to prevent the need for acute medical care.

Uncontrolled diabetes is one of the major conditions contributing to preventable hospitalizations. Staying out of the hospital benefits everyone patients, healthcare providers, and payor sources as well. … Continue reading …

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Advocating for our Elders

Posted on29/11/13 by admin

I recently had the chance to present at the Ohio Chapter of The National Association of Social Workers on the topic of the importance of identifying and managing dementia. While this is largely a health care delivery issue, I realized that it may be even more of an advocacy issue which can be applied to many different areas of health and wellness. Education is one of the strongest advocacy … Continue reading …

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