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Life After a Stroke

Posted on27/11/13 by admin


human brain on white background

Stroke is a scary word and a scary thing for you or your family member to have to face. The facts are that a stroke can affect significantly the cognitive, emotional, and physical skills a person needs to function. But pursuing an aggressive course of rehab as soon as possible can help to reduce the negative impact that these impairments can have on a stroke victim and their … Continue reading …

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Why monitoring your breathing is important.

Posted on20/11/13 by admin

Breathing is the single most important life-sustaining task that we often ignore or take for granted. If you have ever had the ‘wind’ knocked out of you, then you know first hand that panic-stricken feeling of not being able to take in air. The health of our resptiratory system is definitely off the radar of health conditions in the spot light of todays medical community.  Before reading this you … Continue reading …

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