How to Take Control of your Chronic Diseases – Diabetes

Posted on03/12/13 by admin

Chronic diseases are one of the primary causes of hospitalizations and re-hospitalizations in the US today. One of the reasons for this is a simple lack of knowledge of how to manage these conditions to prevent the need for acute medical care.

Uncontrolled diabetes is one of the major conditions contributing to preventable hospitalizations. Staying out of the hospital benefits everyone patients, healthcare providers, and payor sources as well. … Continue reading …

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Advocating for our Elders

Posted on29/11/13 by admin

I recently had the chance to present at the Ohio Chapter of The National Association of Social Workers on the topic of the importance of identifying and managing dementia. While this is largely a health care delivery issue, I realized that it may be even more of an advocacy issue which can be applied to many different areas of health and wellness. Education is one of the strongest advocacy … Continue reading …

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Life After a Stroke

Posted on27/11/13 by admin


human brain on white background

Stroke is a scary word and a scary thing for you or your family member to have to face. The facts are that a stroke can affect significantly the cognitive, emotional, and physical skills a person needs to function. But pursuing an aggressive course of rehab as soon as possible can help to reduce the negative impact that these impairments can have on a stroke victim and their … Continue reading …

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Why monitoring your breathing is important.

Posted on20/11/13 by admin

Breathing is the single most important life-sustaining task that we often ignore or take for granted. If you have ever had the ‘wind’ knocked out of you, then you know first hand that panic-stricken feeling of not being able to take in air. The health of our resptiratory system is definitely off the radar of health conditions in the spot light of todays medical community.  Before reading this you … Continue reading …

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Why is Mom Falling?

Posted on14/11/13 by admin


Did you know that having a fall is the primary predictor that an individual will fall again?  You parent may be falling for many reasons.  Balance impairments, near falls and falls are typically never the result of just one simple issue.  They are, in fact, a combination of multiple issues interacting at the same time, making it impossible for the brain to compensate.


There are intrinsic risk Continue reading …

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Fatigue & the holidays – How a therapist can help.

Posted on11/11/13 by admin

Don’t look now, but the holidays are right around the corner again! This is the time of year for people to over-do and over-extend themselves to keep up with their families, visitors, cooking! Every year, like clockwork, we will see patients who have placed themselves in an unhealthy situation because they did not take into consideration their fatigue levels when planning their Holiday routines. People with chronic conditions like … Continue reading …

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When Does an Older Person Need Physical or Occupational Therapy?

Posted on05/11/13 by admin

Therapy is no longer something that a person may need after an acute illness or accident. At RBA Therapy we are strong believers that therapy services can be a crucial factor in assisting an older person to age well, and maintain their wellness into their golden years.


In the past therapy was only sought for older persons after an acute and significant decline in function, but that doesn’t … Continue reading …

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Why get a home safety evaluation for your parents?

Posted on01/11/13 by admin

As physical and occupational therapists, every time we see a patient in their home we are assessing their environment for potential hazards and fall risks.

As a child of an elderly parent, you may want to consider having this done by a trained specialist BEFORE an accident occurs in the home. The statistics related to falls can be frightening. Did you know, 1/3 people over the age of 65 … Continue reading …

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What is NORMAL cognitive aging?

Posted on30/10/13 by admin

What is NORMAL cognitive aging?

            Very often we see patients who have been noticing some changes in their memory. Due due to a family history or simple worry they are afraid they may be getting Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. While it is important to note that you should speak with your primary care physician regarding any noticeable changes in your cognition, rest assured there are some … Continue reading …

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Did you know these facts about caregivers?

Posted on21/10/13 by admin

Caregiving is at the heart and soul of why RBA Therapy does what it does. What many people don’t realize is that chances are, at some point in their life , they are going to be a caregiver themselves. No one plans for their spouse to become ill but if that day comes it is important to know that you are not alone. Central Ohio is host to numerous … Continue reading …

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