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Who can benefit from our services?

The focus of our practice is to provide standardized assessments, and implement a plan to address the challenges, strengths and goals of the individual and caregiver team.  RBA Therapy’s plan usually includes the following: functional training, education, equipment, recommendations, coaching and referrals. RBA Therapy’s plan always includes providing hope for both individuals who have a limitation and for their caregivers. These services will be provided based on the specific needs of the individual and caregiver team, therefore it could be provided: in the home, adult day care,  community,  a family member’s home,  mall/grocery store, etc.

Our philosophy is not to focus on your diagnosis, but to see you as an individual who needs to restore, rethink or reclaim your life. We focus on what is affecting an individual’s ability to be independent and engaged. Our approach to therapy is based on client & caregiver centered goals. You will be assigned to one of our practitioners who specializes in your area of need (neuromuscular, orthopedic, adult cognitive and memory, risk for falls, caregiver coaching, adaptive equipment, home safety/accessibility, etc.).

When an individual is affected by a disability, illness or chronic diagnosis, it affects everyone around them – family, friends, church, employer, etc. We are here to listen and to help develop a plan that focuses on the individual and the primary individuals involved in care. Our job is to LISTEN and then develop a plan TOGETHER!

Are any of the following affecting your quality of life?

Neurological Disorder:
MS ∙ ALS ∙ MD ∙ TBI ∙ Spinal Cord Injury ∙ Parkinson’s Disease ∙ Peripheral Neuropathy

Orthopaedic Issue:
arthritis ∙ injury ∙ fracture ∙ joint replacement

Balance Problem:
history of fall/loss of balance ∙ fear of falling ∙ scared to go down steps ∙ difficulty walking on uneven surfaces ∙ needing to use an assistive device

General Deconditioning:
shortness of breath  ∙ dizziness when you stand  ∙ inability to walk far distances

Impaired Strength:
difficulty with getting in/out of car, bed, tub  ∙ difficulty with getting up and down from a chair, couch, floor

Struggling to perform ADLs:
dressing (clothes, socks and shoes)  ∙ bathing and drying ∙meal preparation ∙homemaking

Unsteadiness in Walking:
holding onto furniture  ∙ avoiding steps or curbs ∙ scared to leave the house

Memory or thinking is “just not the same”:
having trouble with remembering appointments, medications, organizing daily activities  ∙have more clutter in your home  ∙ forgetful at times ∙feel anxious or out of control.

physically challenged in providing care  ∙ have lost ‘being you’ ∙  struggle to figure out what equipment could ease caregiving

CALL US, and let’s set up an assessment.

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
These services are provided by specialized Physical and Occupational Therapists. We are licensed by the state of Ohio and must pass
a national board examination prior to obtaining our license to practice.

RBA Therapy offers care in the following areas:

• Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy • Home Safety and Accessibility
• Adult Cognitive and Memory Disorders • Adaptive Equipment Solutions
• Neuromuscular Disorders • Caregiver Coaching
• Balance and Mobility, Vestibular Rehabilitation & Fall Prevention • Support Groups and Community Education Programs