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Caregiver Coaching

An illness or limitation affects more than just the individual being treated. Caregivers carry responsibilities and emotional burdens that can affect many aspects of their lives, and it can be difficult to maintain the initial relationship that you had with the individual after you become their caregiver. We want you to know that it’s absolutely okay to not love the situation you’re in.

RBA Therapy offers Caregiver Coaching to help the caregiver maintain the initial relationship they had with the individual and find methods or equipment that will reduce the strain of their role. Simply put, we make caring easier.

We also look at funding for long term caregiving, and we can create a long term, sustainable caregiving plan for you. We will assist with finding and contacting the appropriate resources.

Below is our Caregiver Burden Questionnaire. If you find yourself answering mostly “yes,” give us a call and set up an appointment. We are equally passionate about finding solutions for caregivers as we are about finding solutions for individuals with limitations.

Caregiver Burden Questionnaire

• Do you dread getting up to “another day?”
• Does your entire day seem filled with “things to do?”
• Have you lost “being you?”
• Do you feel lonely and isolated?
• Do you have to do things that you resent as a caregiver?
• Do you feel your health has suffered?
• Has this situation affected what you had planned to do at this point in your life?
• Are you physically challenged in providing care?
• Do you feel you are inadequate (physically, emotionally, financially) to provide care?
• Has your financial situation changed?


BEFORE you decide that your loved one can no longer stay their home …

CONTACT US to schedule a consultation

There are many options that RBA Therapy can explore to reduce caregiver stress and improve quality of life for all involved with the individual.